(Palma de Mallorca, 1980)

I hold a degree in Graphic Design, specializing in Illustration from the School of Design of the Balearic Islands. Having more thirst for knowledge, I carried on studying Fine Arts at San Carles University in Valencia.

I started my professional career at the age of 25 combining works in the field of Education and Creation.

I love my work and I am always fully engaged in every project I undertake. As a freelance Illustrator I have been using different styles and exploring different techniques for all kind of public. In each project, I aim to find the best way to develop it and at the same time amaze myself.

I have also worked as a Museum Educator and an Art teacher at secondary school.

Now I am living in Madrid and working as a freelance Illustrator.


Ecir Edicions

Documenta Balear 

Souvenir Edicions 

Edicions del Despropòsit

Assamblea de Docents IB



452º Journal of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature 

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